Tree Trimming Etiquette & Your Neighbors: Know Your Rights

Conflicts involving trees and neighbors can usually be avoided if you know your rights and have an understanding with your neighbor. Here, we’ll discuss the most common questions most homeowners have when it comes to trimming branches and trees that also belong to their neighbors.

Can I Legally Trim Overhanging Branches From My Neighbors Yard?

Even though a tree may be planted by your neighbors well within their property lines, over time as that tree grows, the branches can extend beyond their property line and into your yard. Even though this may not be a problem initially, it could become a problem if the branches on your side of the property line need trimming for safety issues, are diseased or if they’re simply in the way. Discussing your plans with your neighbors can help ensure there is a clear understanding and that you’re both satisfied when it comes time to trim the branches. If half of the tree trunk is contained on your property and the other half is on your neighbor’s side, you can still trim the branches that hang over into your yard, however you can’t cut it down without your neighbor’s permission since you share ownership of it.

What Are My Branch/Tree Trimming Rights?

If limbs or branches from your neighbor’s trees extend into your property line, you are legally allowed to trim the areas hanging over your property. When trimming them, however, you must stay on your own property. This means you may not go into your neighbor’s yard for a better angle when cutting or destroy the tree. If you harm the tree, you could be found liable for up to three times the value of the tree. Most trees have a replacement value between $500 and $2500, so it’s important to use extreme caution when trimming trees.

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