Professional Tree Pruning & Trimming Services In Upstate NY & The Adirondacks

Tree pruning is an important tree care practice that can help your trees live longer, healthier lives while allowing them to retain a pleasing natural appearance.  Regular tree pruning provides many benefits to trees such as:

  • Removing damaged, dead or diseased branches that can create dangerous situations if they fall during severe weather or storms
  • Promoting new growth and better air circulation within the tree crown
  • Reducing the height of the tree
  • Allowing more natural sunlight to reach plants underneath
  • Shaping a tree for design purposes

Certain species of trees should only be pruned during specific times of the year, however many species of shade trees can be pruned at any time. In addition, there are certain aspects of tree pruning that need to be considered when pruning mature trees versus younger trees.

Because of the danger and complexity and equipment required for tree pruning, hiring an expert like Adirondack Tree Surgeons is highly recommended. We are fully licensed and insured for homeowners’ protection and our experts can work with you to develop a tree pruning schedule that is appropriate for your specific trees.

If you have are in need of tree pruning and trimming or any of our other professional tree care services in Clifton Park, Saratoga Springs, Glens Falls, Lake George, Ballston Spa, or elsewhere in Warren, Washington or Saratoga Counties, please give us a call today at (518) 792-2225 or complete our contact form.