How Do I Know If a Tree Needs To Be Removed?

It’s important to remember that dead or dying trees or branches can fall at any moment, not just during severe weather and storms. Tree removal can be a dangerous task that should not be attempted by a homeowner. Attempting to remove a tree or branch yourself can create a very dangerous situation in which both people and property can experience severe damage. Although you should never attempt to remove a tree yourself, there are several things you can look for in order to determine if you should seek help from a professional tree removal company like Adirondack Tree Surgeons. Continue reading

Tree Etiquette & Your Neighbors: Know Your Responsibilities

In this blog post, we’ll continue our discussion about your rights and frequently asked questions regarding tree rights, responsibilities and ownership. We’ll dive deeper into the responsibilities you have as a homeowner when it comes to trees that belong to your neighbor that have fallen and caused damage to your property. In case you wanted more information about this topic, you can refer to our previous blog post, Tree Trimming Ettiquette & Your Neighbors: Know Your Rights.

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